“Black on Black Crime” Decoded

I’m trying to dig up REAL research on the poor white areas of Baltimore right now. It seems, like many other things, it’s hard to come by honest information rather than opinion on the safety of living in areas like Carrollton Ridge than it is about pretty much any predominantly black neighborhood.

I lived in West Baltimore for years, in what is apparently called Penn North (I didn’t know that while I lived there — those were just the closest streets,) a quick to that same corner where the police held a stand-off with protestors and the whole world turned its eye for a few days earlier this year. I knew my neighbors, and I always felt pretty safe because of that. If anything went down, I knew I was welcome to seek refuge (either from family members or street violence.)

White people, especially on certain news channels or web corners, love to talk about black on black crime, as if that completely cancels out the systemic racism, implicit bias, police brutality and other real issues concerning the African-American Community.

Nonetheless, there is an issue of crime in any poor and oppressed community, and LBS Baltimore is not sitting on their hands when it comes to this or many other issues concerning the Black community. They have (linked on my first post as well) a Dialogue series that is currently focused on “Black on Black Crime” Decoded.

Please use their website to view this wonderful series. Currently there are three parts, all viewable via the LBS site with videos from YouTube. I’d rather you see all they have to offer than plopping their videos here without asking, and I think there is lots of other important stuff to see there, so for now, please take the time to watch and read the Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle Baltimore‘s series on “Black on Black Crime” Decoded.


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